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Jan 29th Fishing/Ice Report

Ice conditions are great!!

Right now most of the lake is 12-15″ with little to no snow cover. The bite has been good and we are seeing more trucks driving out daily. The Perch bite has been great. People are finding them in the standing weeds. Somedays the Perch are down low right on the bottom and other days they are up high looking to chow. Slender Spoons and Lindy Frosty Spoons have been producing good catches. Tip the spoons with a small or medium minnow and set it 1-2 ft off the bottom or near the top of the weeds. Most of the vegetation is 1-2 ft tall and if you can find the nice green stuff you will catch fish. Our Exclusive Yellow Bass Pinhead is also amongst the list of HOT BAITS right now. During low light conditions “Walleye Prime Time” don’t be afraid to dead-stick those spoons with a live minnow. We’ve been seeing many fish caught while dead-sticking. Gills and Crappies are also being found in the deeper weeds. Pay attentions too dirty or milky water. Dirty water is an indication of the vegetation dying off. Typically when this happens the fish will make a move to find new green weeds. Wax worms and spikes have been working on the panfish but we recommend crushing the worms to get the juices flowing.

Ice Conditions:
Most of the ice is 10-15″ Use caution around aerator holes. The DNR have thin ice signs marking the area.

Trucks: We are seeing lots of trucks driving on at farmers. Make sure you understand the ice conditions before making that call.