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Garmin Livescope Mount


Please note: This product requires an existing shuttle for your Livescope and a section of 3” track. Track and shuttle not included.

The original LarMac 360 Livescope Mount. Built from billet aluminum, this mount secures your Garmin Livescope on any 12” section of standard 3” track from Cisco or Berts. A proprietary system allows you to swivel a full 360 degrees in 15 degree increments for optimal viewing. Thumb screws secure the base of your Livescope to the track, which remains mounted to your boat. The LarMac 360 can be installed in 15 minutes to the base of your factory shuttle, and can move from boat to boat, or boat to ice shack, or back to the charging station in 10 seconds.


Current lead time: 4-5 weeks